A history of over 70 years of activity makes Walmec one of the more long living companies, not only in the pressurized air scenario, but also in the whole national territory.This is source of great pride for us, because it show how far can a company go, if it puts customers’ satisfaction as its first goal.Behind all those years there the sacrifices of lot of people that have devoutly dedicated their time, passion, professionalism to our cause, there are ideas, chance but, above all, the strong will to never stop. Coming from all of us.Today we need to look further more than ever. Markets are growing, evolving, demanding. Companies have to satisfy all of the needs they dictate, needs that are not simply involving the creation of a new product or a fast service.Innovation, quality, promptness are just the basic requisite for a company that wants to survive in nowadays market.70 years old Walmec wants to amaze who believes that the productive future is only tied to certain areas by continuing to offer a 100% MADE IN ITALY product.Amaze who believes that manufacturing technologies are already established by investing and renewing its equipment with constantly more advanced CNC, automate and incredi-bly precise. Amaze who believes that you cannot go beyond some predetermined frameworks of products’ constructive nature by exploring unused and charming roads, made of hyper technological and super performing materials.To amaze is simply to think outside the box and to allow all the people that work with our products to find non just the quality, the price and the service that they righteously demand, but above all to try something completely unexpected, unthinka-ble, unpredictable.Walmec is ready for it and we are sure that we together will amaze.